How We Started

foundersThe Secret Parent Foundation® was co-founded by childless couple, Stephen and Zelna Lauwrens in 2019 in response to offering psycho-social support to families during Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. This support was further extended during the first global lockdown in 2020 through social distancing projects offering online interventions to families in need. 

As the author of The Secret Parent book and founder of The Kids Life Studio®, Zelna is responsible for training, research and programme development in the organisation.  Stephen is a seasoned business consultant and is responsible for the ‘behind the scenes’ nuts and bolts that drive The Secret Parent® mission forward to reaching children globally.

We provide education relating to childhood challenges and understanding related brain behaviour. Our aim is to offer research, advocacy and support on adverse childhood experiences to prevent lifelong mental and physical illness.

We offer wellbeing solutions that result in the prevention of lifelong disease and mental illness through building healthier high functioning brains in childhood.


Through evidence informed approaches, we support resilience building and stress management resulting in a healthier brain able to cope with the challenges of childhood.


Rebranding Childhood® Support

The Secret Parent Foundation® is committed to Rebranding Childhood® for resilience, leadership and peak performance. We aim to open a conversation about the positive and negative influences that are impacting on children globally so that we can collectively influence the landscape of childhood.

We collaborate with children’s change makers, thought leaders, key influencers and practitioners from across the globe, to open the conversation towards promoting children’s wellbeing in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way. The overarching aim is to engage key stakeholders to mobilise their resources and have a voice in global policy changes for the future well-being of young people.